Freekbass Signature Model
Freekbass Signature Model
Freekbass Signature Model
Freekbass Signature Model Back
Freekbass Signature Model
Freekbass Signature Model
M Series M1-4C FB 160001 Freekbass Signature Model Front
M Series M1-4C FB 160001 Freekbass Signature Model Back

Freekbass Signature Model

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Product Specs

This electric bass guitar was designed in collaboration with Cincinnatti-based funk artist Freekbass.  His Signature Model instrument is based on our M Series with Classic string spacing of 19mm at the ebony floating bridge  A range of tweaks and modifications as requested by the funkmaster himself have been included to satisfy the most discerning bassist.

The striking appearance of black timbers with red fine lines on the fingerboard bindings and our red hardware option are inspired by a direct request from Freekbass: "Build me the Batmobile."  Using the dense and somewhat brittle African wenge for the top wood and Solomon Island ebony for the fingerboard, an ebony nut and an ebony floating bridge adds a bite to the tonality of the instrument.  Perfect for snaps, pops and other percussive elements.

The inclusion of the Funk Plate between the pickup and fingerboard aids in double thumbing and other thumping techniques.  It's also a great extension of the humbucking pickup for use as a thumb rest when playing fingerstyle.

For the volume control, we've used a smaller control knob and a six position rotary switch with true bypass, four preset volume drops and an off position.  The combo of the small control knob and rotary switch caters to personal choice of Freekbass for always having the volume wide open, while still offering predictable drops at each setting.  The choice reduces the likelihood of accidentally changing the volume when the funk heats up and things get a bit wild with the true bypass giving the least interruption to the signal path, adding a bit of strength and eliminating the slight tonal colouration that potentiometers naturally impart.

We've also removed the midrange control that is normally found on our M Series electric basses.  This alteration is based on Freek taking time to assess what control settings he had used over the first year with his bass.  For his Signature model we'll only be keeping what he actually works with and as it turns out he always leaves the mid control in bypass mode.  If he doesn't use it, we figure there's no reason to have it on his Signature Model.  The instrument will still have our high and low tone control, both part of Stonefield's innovative passive electronics circuit and both a part of what Freek uses to shape his onstage and recording studio sound.

We've chosen to fit out the hardware with our titanium option to take off some weight and with a four colour burst on the back that fades from natural through amber and red to black, resolving with red highlights on the headstock tips and high points of the through-body core, the Bat request is complete.




Please note that these images are of Freekbass's own bass M1-4C/FB 160001.  We make every effort with the Freekbass Signature Model to go for the boldest graining that we have available for the salusalu body core, though it's unlikely that we will have a set quite as wild as on 160001 (that wood was a rare find).  Freek does however see and approve all body core set selections before we use them on his Signature Model instrument.


The Freekbass Signature model is currently on a 'build when ordered' status with a lead time of approximately four months.