4-String Bass Guitars

Stonefield offers a range of 4-string bass guitars in our F Series, G Series, M Series, and C Series.

The F Series 4-string electric bass guitar is our production model instrument. Enjoy superb looks, neutral balance, and high performance - at a price to suit your budget. Next up, the G Series bass is a step up from the F Series, with the Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System, floating wooden bridge and passive electronics all included as standard features.

The M series model started out as the ‘original’ Stonefield bass and is our highest spec’d instrument to date. Handmade to order, each M Series 4-string bass guitar delivers an unrivalled playing experience. The C Series is a paired-down version of the M Series with all the essential elements of a Stonefield bass. Whether you’re a professional player or simply love to play bass, find the 4-string bass guitar you've been searching for.