Stonefirled Bass Guitar Stinger Walnut Stinger Body
Stonefirled Bass Guitar Stinger Walnut Stinger Body
Stonefield Bass Guitar F Series Stinger Maple Top

Stinger - F Series Walnut Top

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Product Specs

  • Topwood: Walnut
  • Body Core: Alder
  • Fingerboard: Ebony

  • Fingerboard Markers: n/a
  • Nut: Ebony
  • Bridge: Ebony

Please Note: All of our walnut Stingers pre-sold before our photographer could complete a photoshoot of them.  Refer to the Walnut-topped F Series for an indication of what the walnut tops look like.


With a 20-inch scale length and using a mix of bass guitar and guitar string gauges, the Stinger is an instrument like no other. With rich chord voices and singing melody and solo lines the Stinger is a unique musical instrument.


Be sure to look into our Cases and Bags page to select our Custom gig bag to accompany the purchase of this bass.

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F Series Features

Floating Bridge

The F Series come complete with our floating, thumbwheel-adjustable wooden bridge and nut system to provide superior, battery-free tone for any style of music.

Geared Tuner

Premium quality geared tuners on the headstock for quick, reliable tuning.

Twin Pickups

We've equipped the F Series with an industry standard twin-pickup passive electronic system.

Grow with Your Bass

for players that can foresee their own growth on the instrument, the F Series is designed to grow as you do with these optional upgrades:

The remarkable Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System tailpiece.

A retrofit neck brings you the rest of the Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System

Weight can be reduced by ordering the same super-lightweight control knobs found on our M Series instruments

For the ultimate tone, our all-wood, three-piece floating bridge is a simple upgrade as well.

F Series Stonefield
"Solid construction, beautiful finish, unique features w/passive electronics. Can use any brand of string, suspended bridge and tuners that are not near the bridge. Very even sound across the fingerboard."