Stonefield Feature List

Tomm Stanley Tuning System

A revolutionary patented tuning system that offers all the benefits of tailpiece tuning as well as letting you use your favourite brand and type of strings.

Geared Tuners

These enclosed tuners provide sealed lubrication and a precision gear ratio. Ebony tuning buttons reduce weight and make a real styling statement.

Knurled Steel Control Knobs

Knurled for a sure grip when you need it, these black enameled control knobs provide a classic look to the control system on your bass.

Lightweight Aluminium Control Knobs

In addition to weighing next to nothing, the stylish good looks of these control knobs really help to set your bass apart from others.

Black, Enameled Steel Hardware

This industry-standard hardware option is a great looking way to keep all the components on your bass secure.

Stainless Steel, Brass, Anodised Aluminium and Titanium Hardware

Our premium hardware option provides a lifetime of corrosion-free good looks for your bass.

Three-piece, All-wood Adjustable Floating Bridge

The advanced design of this bridge system offers the superior tone gained by eliminating metal from the vibrating path of the string and the convenience of easily adjusted string height

Single-piece, Non-adjustable Floating Wooden Bridge

Our single-piece bridge design draws its inspiration from concert grade instruments like violins, violas and cellos for the ultimate tonal contribution that a bridge can provide.

Three-piece Laminated Maple Neck

Laminated construction makes these necks stronger than the typical single-piece neck and the fact that there is no headstock join also eliminates that problematic weak spot.

Aircraft and Marine-grade Multi-Laminated Necks

Using some of the lightest, strongest and most durable materials available creates a neck with superior strength, tonal contribution and amazing looks.

Industry Standard Passive Electronics

High performance tone shaping with no learning curve.

Aluminium Foil-shielded Cavity Control Covers

Cavity control covers that help to block unwanted electrical noise by being part of the instrument’s electrical shielding.

2mm-thick Anodised Aluminium Control Cavity Covers

With coloured anodizing for durability and great looks, these highest quality control covers ensure that no unwanted electrical noise makes it into your signal path.

Industry Standard Cavity Shielding

Cavity control shielding that help to block unwanted electrical noise from the instrument’s signal path.

Alder Body Timber

High quality and good looking, North American alder has been a staple of electric instruments since the 1950’s.

Premium Pacific-sourced Body Timber

For the greatest tonality we searched for woods presently unknown to the music industry. With light weight and sonic superiority our favourite body wood, offered on our C and M Series instruments, was found in the South Pacific.

Maple Topwood

An industry-standard choice for beauty, durability and a crisp tone.

Walnut Topwood

A beautiful alternative to maple with a slightly warmer tone.

NZ-grown Cypress Topwood

Cypress provides a golden-reddish-coloured wood with a warmth of tone cherished by Spanish luthiers for centuries.  The cypress we use is sourced within our home country of New Zealand.

An Array of Premium Topwoods

On our M Series instruments we offer buyers an array of woods sourced from around the globe that can match any tonal and/or aesthetic taste.

Ebony Fingerboard

Ebony has been the go-to choice for high quality fingerboards for centuries.  Our ebony is responsibly sourced from India, one of the few nations still allowed to export this treasured resource.

Kwila Fingerboard

A premium hardwood from countries near to our New Zealand home base, kwlia makes a beautiful fingerboard that offers a neutral contribution to the tone of the instrument.

An Array of Premium Fingerboard Woods

As with our premium topwoods, on M Series instruments we offer buyers an array of fingerboard woods sourced from around the globe that can match any tonal and/or aesthetic taste.

Unbound Fingerboard

With a straight-forward look for those that prefer a less adorned instrument.

Three-piece Wooden Fingerboard Bindings

Created with a meticulous degree of attention to details, the three-piece wooden fingerboard binding offers the practicality of sealed fret ends along with an element of rare beauty.

Topwood-matching Headstock Veneer

Headstock veneers that match the body’s topwood provide a beautiful finishing touch.

Gemdot™ Fingerboard Markers

Handmade gemstones created individually within the fingerboard that closely resemble opal.  Many colours are available and no two are ever the same.

Funk Plate

For players that prefer less gap between the strings and the body of the instrument the Funk Plate does the job.  It also creates an extended thumb rest between the pickup and the neck.


Providing a thumb rest extension between the pickup and the bridge, ramps are a popular option for players that aim to utilize the unique tonality found in that last part of the strings.

Sprayed Natural Lacquer Finish

Lacquer provides a durable finish with minimal colouration of the sound.  In keeping with our environmentally responsible approach to instrument making, we use water-based lacquers.

Hand-rubbed Oil Finish

The undeniable beauty of a hand-rubbed oil finish puts the right kind of final touch on our M Series basses.

Custom Finishing Options

From sunbrusts to suedes, we bring all of our finishing skills into the spotlight with a variety of custom options available on request.