VoiceMaster - Pro

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This unit offers unparalleled capability in a passive effect circuit: 30 unique voices in a single passive pedal plus the ability to shape each of those voices. There is simply nothing else like the VoiceMaster Pro.

Pro is useful for altering the voice of basses, guitars, and virtually any electric instrument.  The Floor Control Unit holds the 9v battery required to make the LED's operate as well as the remote on/off relay but the pedal's voice settings will work regardless of the battery's state of charge.  The floor control unit is connected with a standard 5-pin midi cable.

The VoiceMaster Pro is supplied with a three metre/ten foot midi cable to connect the Floor Control Unit to the main body but should more distance be required a standard 5-pin midi cable of any desired length may be used.

See our demo videos for the VoiceMaster Pro at:

JD Short VoiceMaster Prototype Demo