M Series 4-String Classic | M1-4C 160002

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  • Topwood:  Cypress
  • Fingerboard:  Solomon Island Ebony
  • Fingerboard Markers: 
    Burghundy within White Gem Dots
  • Fingerboard Radius: Zero
  • Hardware:  Titanium/blue



  • Binding:
     - fine line: Australian Blackwood Sap
     - thick edge: Jarrah
  • Nut:  Jarrah
  • Back of Neck Finish: Natural




An M Series with a twist;  This one was built to a unique set of specifications and is one of only two basses we've ever built with a zero-radius fingerboard and a centre veneer on the front covering the laminates of the through-body core. It has also been sprayed in a matte satin clear and has a Funk Plate and Ramp, both veneered in tiger myrtle to match the jarrah binding and bridge.


String Spacing: Classic (approx 19mm between strings at the bridge)

Due to the low serial number, a unique build and the addition of customer requested mods, this bass has true potential for collectibility.  A few notes:


This is only the second bass we've made with a zero radius fingerboard.

Note the cypress veneer over the laminates in the centre of the body.  This is only the second instrument on which we've veneered over the laminates.

In addition to the Funk Plate a ramp has been added between the rear pickup and bridge.  This is the first bass on which we've ever installed a ramp.

Both the Funk Plate and the ramp have been surfaced with Tasmainian tiger myrtle.

For greater durability the top has been sprayed in a satin matte lacquer over the original hand rubbed oil.


The one and only downside to this instrument is some scratching around the Stonefield logo on the front.  The scratches have been dealt with as best we can and in the photo shoot we had to shuffle around to find a camera angle/lighting combo where we could even see them well enough to photograph them.  Zoom in on the photo of the front logo to check them out.  Unless you're looking for them, or severely scrutinising the instrument, you won't see them in day to day use.


Price is inclusive of Stonefield Lite Flight Case.