Stonefield Bass Guitar M Series M1-5C 160001

M Series 5-String Classic | M1-5C 160001

Regular price $4,895.00

Product Specs

  • Topwood: Anigre
  • Fingerboard: Massa
  • Fingerboard Markers: red highlight Gemdots
  • Binding:
    fine line: Solomon ebony
    thick edge: black maire
  • Nut: black maire
  • Bridge: black maire
  • Back of Neck Finish:  Naturalburst
  • Hardware:  Stainless Steel/black
  • String Spacing: Classic (approx 19mm between strings at the bridge)
  • Price is inclusive of Stonefield Lite Flight Case and extra set of strings

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M Series Features

Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System

Our exclusive use of the remarkable Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System provides a bass with superb balance and the easiest tuning you’ll find while allowing you the use of your favourite strings from almost any major brand.

Total Control

Passive High, Low and Mid controls combine with a floating wooden bridge to provide tonal flexibility that works with any genre or style of music you play and no need for on-board batteries.

Premium Hardware

From the smallest screw to the largest components of the Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System, we want to ensure that quality shines through. 304 stainless steel is used on all threaded items and bearings, Mil-Spec anodising is incorporated into the aluminium components and self lubricating brass ensures smooth operation of the tuner's string tensioners. All this results in a bass that not only plays great, but will look great for many years to come.